Quick Notes following the Small Developers Boot Camp

photo (8)

The first Boot Camp is behind us.  100+ people came to learn about how to develop scale projects.  Everyone I spoke with was already pretty accomplished in some line of work, but looking at what it would take to move into development.  This crew is going to be able to offer each other a lot of help and support.  After a pretty grueling 14 hour day of instruction and discussion, people still had enough energy to hang out at the Pop-Up Art Gallery put together by Donna Harris and her crew for another 3 hours.

I figured we would see maybe half the class at 8 AM the next day.  I was quite wrong.  85 of the 100 attendees were in their seats at 8AM on Sunday morning, several driving in from the other side of the Dallas Metro.

We have lots of notes on what we can do differently or better next time.  Jim Kumon shot lots of video so I hope that he can get some good stuff up quickly on the CNU.org web site.

It is going to take me a few days to recover, so in the meantime, I hope that members of the Duncanville cohort will post comments about their experience here and on the FaceBook Small Developer/Builders Group page.

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