Coaching + PayPal link – How to get Some of John’s Time.

Coaching in 20 minute increments.

After spending a fair part of the workday on the phone or video calls coaching small developers I find myself stay up late to finish work on my own projects. Eleanor has set up this pay button on the blog as a way for folks to buy some of my time in scheduled 20 minute blocks in an effort to bring more discipline to my daily work routine. The rate is $80 per 20 minute block. If you would like to schedule a session, please email me at to set up a time. You can attach information to your email that will help me understand your project. (There is no charge for any time I spend reviewing your background information). I typically use Google HangOuts for video call coaching session. Hangouts allows both of us to share computer screens and can accomodate several people on the video call. Please install Google Hangouts prior to the session and test it out. We can also use Facetime, but Facetime does not allow screen sharing and is limited to two party calls. Best, John